Gracious Testimonials

Real life and inspirational stories of people’s transformational journeys.

I am beyond grateful for Stephanie's extraordinary support and guidance throughout my healing journey. Her outstanding program, particularly her essential oil treatment and Raindrop Healing sessions have allowed me to fully recover from my illness, avoiding surgery. Her work is truly groundbreaking. I thank her with all of my heart for this magical experience!

Julia Genoyer

I returned from a Qigong retreat held by retreat owner and teacher Stephanie Hoo. I was absolutely amazed at what I experienced! I learned how to move my energy and tap into a deep source of strength and serenity.

As a beginner, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to understand everything, but Steph's calmness and clean instructions and knowledge  led me through the techniques with patience and insight.

After a few days, I could feel my energy getting stronger and my relaxation deepening.

The retreat was incredibly energizing, deeply calming, and amazingly transformational - the meals and the incredible ingredients that has a physical code to each part of my energy was incredible to learn. I'm so grateful to have attended!

Chef Cynthia Louise

First of all I would like to thank Stephanie for being a very good friend, very helpful especially when I needed it most. She is an extraordinary person, very generous, and very knowledgeable about what she is doing in Qi Gong. Qi Gong in my opinion is beyond the movements itself, because it helped me to understand myself more about what is really driving me to be a better human being. I never thought Qi Gong could give me more insight than the exercises itself. The spiritual path, the breathing, the movements, the energy, the flow, is just a complete set of wonderful experiences that lifted up my life to another level. It was a time I needed someone to help me to really guide me through a difficult time when I had depression. It was a feeling that I could not breathe and Stephanie came to me right away when I called her. She is like an angel, showing me the way, and giving me tips on how to do Qi Gong, which has changed my life. It has lifted my quality of life and since then I have been practicing once or twice a day, and opened my eyes to another level of understanding that everyone should really learn and go deeper into. It will transform into a different level of living. Thank you Stephanie for being a very grateful teacher when I needed you the most.


For months, I was struggling with insomnia and stress and was adamant not to be dependent on any form of prescriptive medicine. I was determined to look for alternative means of therapy and couldn’t be happier when I found Steph through a friend’s recommendation.

I casually reached out to Steph on Instagram (not expecting any response knowing that she has many followers!) but was pleasantly surprised when Steph graciously took the time to reply. I flew to Bali and engaged Steph for a one-to-one Qi Gong class. Steph was very patient to teach me the basics of proper breathing techniques and posture. There is a calm, almost zen-like demeanour about Steph that you can’t help but feel tranquil around her.

The Qi Gong session was so effective that I decided to try out the Raindrop Therapy. I was skeptical at first but Steph was able to address my concerns and took the time to explain in great detail the characteristics of the essential oils that she uses and their many health benefits.

Steph used a myriad of essential oils and special blends that soothed my nerves and alleviated my anxiety, that for once in many months, I fell into a deep sleep during the session. I could attest that that was by far, one of the most relaxed state I’ve ever been in and I’m just so convinced that the therapy works.

Steph is one of the rare health and wellness practitioners I’ve ever worked with who is completely genuine, absolutely generous with her time and knowledge, and who sincerely wants the best for her clients (and now, friend!). She is such a gem in this industry and I’m filled with gratitude that I’ve had this chance to know her because she is someone who will always make time to help others regardless of the circumstance. She is such a selfless person and an amazing individual, and like me, I am sure you’d feel the same way too when you get the opportunity to work with her!

Fizah D

Stephanie is one of the most graceful beings I've had the opportunity to meet. She showed up in my life during my spine recovery journey like an angel, sent from heaven. Her kindness and nurturing energy were so important for me at the time, they helped me survive the deepest pain in my life. She made me feel safe and taken care of. And always left me flying high after her Raindrop healing sessions. Her frequency is healing and her intentions so pure, it's impossible not to love her straight away. Thank you Stephanie for being such an amazing human being, spreading your light wherever you appear. You are a lightworker, a natural space holder and there are no words that could describe how much I appreciate you. You are changing people's lives with your essence, service, knowledge and grace. Feeling blessed that our paths have crossed, and we ended up in each other's lives.

Špela Urbanc

No word of a lie, when I first met Stephanie I instantly knew I was in good hands. Her calming, knowledge-laden, happy and selfless aura is in abundance. Over time, I’ve received various input from Stephanie, including just everyday helpful tips and advice on how to harness the power of essential oils in the home, to an incredibly memorable Raindrop Therapy session. The Raindrop was pure magic and left me feeling centred, relaxed, and at peace. I didn’t go in with any expectations as it was new to me, but now I can safely say I’d love this to be a staple therapy in my life! Thank you Stephanie, you’re a true gem.

Abi Tasker

I was diagnosed with asthma and allergic to the air if it’s too hot/cold/dusty/smokey/some foods. I’ve suffered from coughs since I was 5 months old, and I’m 46 years old now. I was often treated in hospital for asthma attacks and have been to ICU in critical condition. The drugs I was taking was not helping my asthma attack either. My weight kept increasing because of the medication containing steroids. The fatter I became, I had more frequent shortness of breath and relapse. I’ve tried traditional medicines and advice of friends and relatives, none of which have helped relieve my pain let alone cure. The older I got, the worse my asthma became. Stress, emotional, physical fatigue can be additional triggers that made me relapse everyday. Flu and strep throat would cause me to have a huge attack and be rushed to the ER. Almost every month I spend so much money that does little to seek treatment. Even walking for 10 meters leaves me breathless. Every night while sleeping I always have shortness of breath, up to 5 to 6 asthma attacks. Every morning I wake up with headaches because of the attacks every night. Everyday I carry Berotec spray and would have to use it every hour. I have tried yoga, pilates, medications from Singapore doctors and herbal medicines. All was not successful to help me. Until one day I met Stephanie to seek help for my condition. She advised me on some simple protocols, as I was determined and desperate to follow through. Since June 8th 2016 until today, after only less than 2 months since following Stephanie’s advise, I have never used the spray or take my asthma drugs again. At night time I have not had any attacks or shortness of breath. When I’m among family who smoke, I’m completely unaffected. My family are all surprised to see I’m no longer puffing with my Berotec spray. My goal is to completely cure asthma and reduce my weight so I will be healthier. Currently I am very pleased to introduce The Sanctuary to friends and relatives, especially those who are sick. Thanks Stephanie for encouraging me to believe in myself, and very patiently helped me with guidance and advice.


Hi Stephanie, I would like to share with you our sincere thanks for all your guidance and treatment given to our son Tenzing in connection with his eczema. As you know he suffered so badly with the condition across all parts of the body for most of his life. Having tried so many conventional treatments with only limited success, it was incredible to see the transformation from his severe condition to the complete disappearance of the skin condition. Now he has completely clear soft skin. Amazing. His quality of life has improved endlessly as a result, which is completely attributed to the diagnosis and natural treatments you recommended. Quite fabulous, we are so truly grateful and cant share appreciation and recommendation enough... Many many thanks again, we would be happy to speak to any prospective clients and share our experience of being client of your services.

Jordan Oliver Lin

I have had the pleasure to work with Stephanie during the early stage of a wellbeing and wellness package for a luxury five star resort in Bali. The resort is the flagship for the brand's Wellbeing initiative. From day one, Stephanie has showcased ultimate professionalism and an unmatched passion for living well and balanced. We composed the five days four nights package and she recommended some of the best (and certified) practitioners for the entire length of the package. She also went all the way to organize the collaborations and seamlessly compose the familiarization trip of selected medias and KOLs. She also took me to all of the off-site practitioners and establishments, ensuring that I experience it first hand and can provide objective feedback.

I also joined one of her Qi Gong classes and it was one of the most calming and relaxing experiences for me in a long time. Stephanie is definitely the expert for those seeking wellbeing in the truest sense. I would definitely love to work with her again in the future!


Last year for the first time I went through a series of health-related difficulties, which compromised my ability to operate but also raised fears and a sense of great fragility. Stephanie has discretely and warmly introduced me to the properties of essential oils, and the benefits of Qigong, guiding me with grace and attention to integrate them in my established self care routines. I truly appreciate and recommend Steph, great woman, wonderful soul and impeccable guide!

Claudia Pietrantoni

There's something about Stephanie that makes her really special. Her voice and her speech is very soothing, you would instantly feel safe and comfortable being around her.

I did a consultation session with her which started from a casual conversation around health and holistic healing. She came up with a whole treatment plan which involves essential oils. I love how she took time to properly explain all the oils and what their benefits are and how to use them. She would even reply outside of working hours whenever I had something, from the smallest thing like allergy rashes to sunburn.

I also got the chance to join her qi gong class. She taught me specific movement to cultivate qi that I needed for my kidney and liver.

It's such a pleasure working and connecting with Stephanie. She's just full of love, compassion and motherly care. Thank you Steph for being you!

Diana Beauty

Stephanie’s gift for teaching and flowing her wisdom, insights and practice to others was evident to me in my first Qigong class. I immediately fell in love with her grace and poise. But even further, her subsequent and consistent ‘walk the talk’ showed me her authenticity and generosity of spirit. Thank you Steph, for everything you bring to those open to receive your divine gifts.

Jan Webb

I had previously only touched on the practice of Qigong through online platforms and had enjoyed what I had found in this ancient practice. It unlocks Qi and brings calmness to the mind and body at the same time bringing awareness through certain movements. So when a friend of mine recommended Stephanie's Qigong class here in Sanur, I jumped at the chance to join and I am glad I did. Stephanie is a fabulous teacher, she articulates how each exercise will correspond to a part of your  body and demonstrates each exercise very well. Then assists you if needed. Steph is very knowledgeable and I enjoy going to her classes.

Trish Green

I found Qigong and Stephanie Hoo quite by chance. Back then, Stephanie’s early morning classes were held under the boughs of the huge trees and palms that grow close to the sea's edge.

The combination of the cool morning breeze, my toes firmly  fixed on the cool sand, birds chirping, lazy dogs just rousing  and the outlying islands away on the horizon was totally surreal.

The experience of these most gentle of movements is in pure harmony with Bali life. Stephanie’s sessions are quite the most magical and the very best way to start your day; whether you are here on vacation or living the dream permanently in tune with the day-to-day rhythm of Bali.

When I started, I could not believe how stiff my joints and lower back were, but gradually I am pleased to say that they eased gently with her guidance and reassurance.

I would urge anyone of any ability to try these classes. You will leave them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  I don’t promise that you will feel re-energised like the Duracell bunny, but you will certainly be on your way.

Vanessa Rea

My experience with YL essential oil is absolutely amazing and I would like to share it.
I started using the oils last year as I had a cold that I couldn't get rid of. It took only 48 hours to heal it with the oils. In November, my mum was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and she was given a set of protocols after a consultation with the team. After a few months she was able to walk on her own, which she wasn't able to previously.
Then earlier this year, my gynaecologist diagnosed an ovarian cyst, endometriosis and polyps. I did a protocol using organic tampons with essential oils on it, balanced my hormones with Endoflex and PPP. After only one and half months, everything was gone!
Those essential oils changed my life and still change it today, as I use them for everything. Thank you Stephanie for introducing them to me, and to Young Living for making my life better every day 🌟

Anne Aobdia

Many people whose life have changed due to the knowledge I have shared with them and thanked me for the transformation they experience. I would not been able to touch their lives if I did not have the experiences of my own transformation.

This wealth of knowledge is only possible by learning from the master, connecting with the right people, right resources and right timing. I am fortunate to be introduced to Stephanie and John who I refer them as my mentors. They provided us with on going tools necessary to live a better, healthier lifestyle and more importantly through their teaching, it helped me be more grounded, open minded and being mindful.

I know with certainty that my knowledge, Wisdom, care for others have improved tremendously.
With only few years following John and Stephanie health guidance, I do feel and know that I'm much smarter now than I was few years back. My IQ and SQ increased under these two mentors' tutelage .

NAHA online classes, webinar, ISAMS classes Level 1 and 2 definitely played a major role to keep my health IQ and SQ on right tract.
With this, I simply say : Thank You.
Please keep igniting our learning curve and for team members who have not had the taste of NAHA classes, never too late to register. I guarantee, you will fully understand and experience only the best in life.

Pauline Tjoa

I started to use essential oils to treat acid reflux. I wasn't willing to keep taking medicine so after I changed my diet, I was looking for a natural solution to control the condition. Stephanie recommended I take Digize, an oil mix, once a day. After a few months, the reflux stopped. Now I take one or twice a week to maintain and prevent more reflux.
I'm also using essential oils to prevent and alleviate symptoms of menopause. Stephanie recommended I take Progessence Phyto Plus and Endoflex to balance hormones. These have worked wonders so far. I'm now 54 and haven't yet experienced strong menopausal symptoms or discomforts.
Last year, I was diagnosed with a 5 cm fibroid. Stephanie suggested a "shock treatment of 2 weeks using a mix of Progessence Phyto Plus and other oils mixed with a base oil, in which an organic tampon is soaked and applied overnight. I did this for two cycles and at the next ultrasound a few months later, the fibroid had disappeared!
For cuts and scratches, I use helichrysum, an amazing oil that helps heal in a record time.

Paula Neron

I want to share my experience on how I treated my son (3 Years 4 Mths) who was diagnosed with Acute Bell Palsy using Young Living Oils.

Just a little intro, Bell Palsy is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the face. It may develop abruptly usually after an infection or trauma to the head. The exact cause of this damage is unknown but many doctors believe it is caused by a viral infection.

In my son's case, he had not been sick in the few weeks prior to the Bell palsy and neither did he have any kind of trauma. It just developed abruptly and initially we thought he was acting up and doing funny faces as it was soo acute. It was only until he got hurt at school and cried that I really realised that he was not making it up. It was so apparent wen he cried that he had partial weakness on one side of his face. I rushed him to the dr immediately.

The Dr immediately assured me that it wasn't a stroke and that it was Bell Palsy. He said there was no known cause to it and since doctors assumed it was caused by a viral infection, he prescribed an anti viral and steriods to drink for a week. Doing a blood test to find out which virus did he get was impossible coz they wudnt knw which ones to check for and both my jkt dr and my sg doctor suggested i wait too before doing a scan. Until and unless he showed symptoms of gettg worse that I was to do a scan.

Coming back from the dr, I did a little research on which oils could be used for Bell Palsy. After which, I messaged Stephanie and she suggested me to layer Mountain Savory, Helichrysum and Sacred Frankinscence on the side of the face that was showing weakness.

She also told me to dome with a blend of mountain savory, Helichrysum and Valor. However, I managed to do it only twice as my son just cant sit still inside the dome. It was impossible to do it while he was sleeping too as he was a light sleeper and wud keep waking up. In addition to that, I also applied Mountain Savory, SF, Tea Tree and Helichrysum on his spine for additional support.

Its been almost a month since we found out about his Bell Palsy. Every 10 days, I wud go to the dr where he would check my son and taper down the steriod dose. My last visit to him was a few days back. The Dr was surprised with how well he has recovered. He asked me few times if i did any physiotheraphy but I told him besides the little facial exercises i did with my son everyday, I didnt do any therapy. What I did instead was applied Young Living oils. He said his recovery is really fast and amongst the best he has seen thus far. My son shows no symptoms of having it at all now.

No words can express the gratitude I feel for Steph. Thank you soooo very much Steph.. 😙😙😙😙😙


After the birth of my second child, I began to struggle with post-natal depression and anxiety. It was almost a year before I was able to confront my emotions and admit I needed help. Thanks to Stephanie’s kind and loving nature she made me feel so comfortable that I wondered why it had taken me so long. My treatment consisted of two days of Biotherapy, alongside doming myself daily with the anxiety blend of cistus, valor and lavender, taking Super B and Life 9 supplements, using a customized grounding blend and sleeping on an earthing sheet. I was amazed that within days I felt my stress levels decreasing and was sleeping better. Now a few months on I feel much more grounded, balanced, calm, peaceful and happy. Thank you Stephanie for helping me find me again!


I’m a migraine sufferer for many years (27 years exact time). Since I apply peppermint & lavender on my neck, forehead & behind my ears almost everyday. I used to have migraine almost every week and now I feel like a new person!

Thanks to EO and to Stephanie who always helps me with her valuable advices.

Joeke Lee

I have come to know and trust Stephanie as a friend and a highly respected professional. I first met Stephanie at her clinic, The Sanctuary, and was touched by how openly she shared stories and her experiences. Her manner was both genuine and approachable. Since then, Stephanie has been a bridge in my own learning. She has recommended excellent quality courses that have been transformational in my own understanding of wellbeing and balance.  Stephanie is passionate about learning, self healing and sharing this wisdom with others and, as such, is a special role model and much-loved leader in the community.

Yolanda Bridges

I will forever be grateful for Stephanie to introduce me to a new world of living. Having these precious therapeutic plant-based remedies in my life, have helped not only me, but my family and friends about how we feel everyday! Living abroad, it provides a great way to balance healthy living, natural medication and regimens of beauty. Stephanie has been there to consult me along every step of my way and has been giving me invaluable advice for any situation that has come up. It’s a blessing to have such a health coach, that educates passionately and cares for people’s health, wellbeing and happiness from the bottom of her heart! Thank you Stephanie, for making a difference for so many people – and having the new Sanctuary available is not only an incredible benefit for all of us, but a true celebration of nature’s gift to us.

Desiree Bonau

Had I known the transformation my “Essential Oils journey” would make - I would have started using oils a lot sooner! Like all stories go, its starts with a small bottle of oil (in my case Lemon), a little curiosity, some patience and consistency, and... “Ta Da!” You’ve had your first Essential Oils experience that has you eager to try another one. There’s a sense of excitement and amazement when you suddenly realize that your toddler is the only member of the family who does not have flu. She still had a runny nose for 2 days, but that was it. Right then and there I was convinced that Essential Oils really does help support the immune system so that illness is far less severe and recovery is much quicker. Quite a relief when your toddler is starting school for the first time.

I’ve had so many of these experiences with many different oils (peppermint, lavender, Copaiba, wintergreen... etc) but the main point is to have an open mind and experience it for yourself. Attending the workshops and listening to the webinars has been wonderful in learning about safety, types of applications and getting answers from qualified aromatherapists. The kidscent range is wonderful! I have noticed a big big difference in my toddler’s overall health which means fewer trips to the doctor’s office and less medication. Her daily routine includes the kidscent toothpaste, bath gel with added essential oils, shampoo and lotion. The Mightyvites are yummy and the Tender Tush works as an excellent balm for minor scratches or extra dry skin. I love sharing and teaching her about the oils too so she also learns to how to be healthy with natural products.

Whether you have a consultation, or have a treatment at the Sanctuary, or attend the very informative workshops, you will be intrigued by the effects of incorporating essential oils into your daily life has. Simple replacements like hand wash, shampoo, facial products, toothpaste, household cleaners, all contribute to replacing the harmful synthetic chemicals with natural and beneficial substances from plants. It’s so easy to make the switch and enjoy more vitality and well-being.

But best of all is being part of a community that supports continual education through webinars and workshops, to share those special experiences, develop new friendships and together, create opportunities for others to join this remarkable Essential Oil Journey.

My relationship with Stephanie is a treasured one and I appreciate every moment spent listening, sharing, and learning from her. The workshops she arranges are always interesting and useful for daily life. And her consultations are very useful for discovering more about why we keep suffering the same problems and how to change it. She shows immense passion in what she does and together with her vast knowledge of attaining optimal health and well-being, she is consistently able to share information or give advice in a manner that is always kind, calm and personal. This makes her more than just a professional, but a professional who is also a friend.

Melanie Jones

My oils journey started some 3-4 years ago. At that time, all I knew was diffusers and lavender and peppermint. Then I was introduced to this fabulous, giving woman….Stephanie Hoo. And I must say, my life changed for the better. She educated me about oils and their benefits and how to use them to get the maximum effects. She encouraged me to have belief in myself and the power of oils. One of the simplest and earliest examples that I can remember was the use of oils for my children’s ailments. A simple cough which would have taken me to the doctors, now is treated at home with RC, peppermint, Lavender, frankincense and lemon. May it be with AromaDome or topical applications or even ingesting them, which because it is Young Living oils, i feel safe giving to my children. She suggested to me a life saving elixir which is more popularly know as Ningxia Red for my whole family and i must say, it works wonders for immunity, energy and general health. Skin issues, cuts and scrapes…no problem. Steph taught me there is always an oil for everything. And there are times, when the known usage of that particular oil isn’t what i am using it for, to just listen to my gut feel. If it feels right, it probably is.

What can i say about this fabulous, giving woman? All I can say is, I am blessed to have such a fabulous person in my life.

Shalu Samtani

I first met Stephanie for 5-elements consultation to curb my ongoing allergies. She is this sweet and soft-spoken lady who immediately put me at ease. Throughout the session, Stephanie gave a lot of insights into my condition, provided answers to my What Ifs as well as tips on How Tos. Though the session was soon over, Steph made sure I knew I could always get back to her anytime for more advices and feedbacks.

Afterwards, I brought my daughter to consult with Stephanie. At first I was not sure on the royal blend she asked me to make specifically for my daughter’s condition. It smelled strange and, for certain period of times, very overpowering. But then after a while, we started to see results and improvements, and the girl even likes the aroma. Exactly like what Steph had told us would happened.

One thing I noticed is that although Stephanie hardly ever says no to giving advices or answering questions, she always encourages people to first try to think out or find the solutions on their own.

“The more people try to discover, the more they shall learn, and that is how we can share around.”

The chat group she created is one valid proof of what she has been doing to spread the knowledge. I have learnt so many things from there not just from Steph but also from all the other members, and more are coming for sure. They are not passing over mere textbook knowledges, but first hand experiences shared by the community members. Because of that, I have been able to help several friends and family members based on the things I learned from the group. This is what makes Stephanie such a blessing to anyone’s life she has touched, and I have been blessed to know her.

Catherine Djumadi

Steph has a gentle yet powerful touch in all she does. She brings love, care and intuition so naturally in her voice, hands and being. I always find myself feeling more relaxed, nurtured and enriched after sessions with Steph.

Kristin Giacopelli

From the first moment that I met Stephanie, she was friendly, warm and inspirational. We met in Kalimantan on a group photography trip a few years ago. She has a lot of knowledge and love for healing modalities using essential oils, plant based foods combined with Qigong. We have been practicing Polynesian dances together for a couple years now and her energetic and kind personality is infectious. She is intelligent, hard working, compassionate and a loving human being.

Rika Traxler Tuikolongahau