Retreats are one of the highlights of our calendar year – the chance to spend time with like-minded people and totally engage and immerse ourselves in wellness away from the stresses and distractions of busy schedules.

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Step into a world of transformation and rejuvenation on the beautiful island of Bali with me, for the exclusive ‘The Way of Five Elements Retreat’ from October 7-12, 2023. Together we will embark on a six-day journey of self-discovery and healing. A  journey that would allow you to discover and embrace the practical tools and techniques needed to address real-life health and wellbeing challenges. Our program is inspired by a holistic approach that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and equipped with practical skills to better understand and appreciate your true self.

Retreat Options and Information


A Gracious Life Annual Retreat

Our annual A Gracious Life Retreat is held at a different location each year, which we carefully select to allow participants to fully connect and engage with nature and each other.  


Retreat schedules combine a variety of essential oil workshops and wellness modalities from Qi-gong, yoga and meditation through to optional activities to join a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony or explore the natural beauty of the location. Whether it’s snorkelling the coral reefs of Nusa Lembongan Island, trekking through the rainforest or discovering one of Bali’s hidden waterfalls, there are always options for everyone to enjoy.

Retreat Workshops

At every retreat we aim to provide a range of workshops that are educational, practical, engaging and fun. Some of our favourite essential oil workshops have included:

Ditch and Switch: How to ditch chemical household products and switch to toxic-free alternatives

Create Your Own Signature Scent: Create a scent that is completely unique to you and take the recipe (and your scent) home with you.

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Take a look at our Nusa Lembongan Retreat Video below..

Focused Retreats

As well as our annual AGL retreat we host and collaborate in a number of other retreats throughout the year. These retreats tend to have a more specific wellness focus but there is usually always time for exploring the region, supplementary workshops and optional activities. These workshops are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a specific modality in the most conducive environment imaginable.

Joining a retreat of any kind is a spiritually enriching experience and you’ll come away with a greater understanding of yourself, of others and of the world around you. Retreats are an opportunity to become completely grounded and re-centred – for most participants, retreats are life changing experiences.


Take a look at the highlights from our A Gracious Life Retreat on Nusa Lembongan…

Five Senses of Wellness Retreat

At Raffles Bali

Here is a sneak peak into my latest collaboration as a Wellbeing Advisor to Raffles Bali. Unwind and rejuvenate with The Five Senses of Wellness exploration through physical activity, spiritual awakening, and gastronomy journey. This program blends bespoke wellness sessions, cultural activities, and culinary experiences to help well-travelled connoisseurs to relax, reaching a new level of serenity and life balance.


It has been such a pleasure to craft this program, work with an amazing team, bringing in experts in the wellness field, and create customized retreat amenities to complement every individual on their journey. As a clinical aromatherapist, I loved creating 3 essential oil blends that are unique to this retreat. The first is designed to be uplifting, the second is a divine relaxing blend, and the third has been created to enhance the immune system. It was also a delight to teach a Qi Gong practice to the guests, many who have never experienced energy work like this before. Creating this bespoke wellness retreat and sharing the many life-changing practices has brought me ultimate joy and reinforced my belief in the body’s innate healing abilities.

Weekend Wellness Retreat

At The Legian Bali


Retreat, relax and re-energise in the timeless elegance and personalised service of Wellness by The Legian. Drawing on the rich cultural and healing heritage of Bali, combined with internationally renowned wellness brands, our ethos is holistic, warm and nurturing, offering a true integration of wellness and hospitality.
The Weekend Wellness Retreat includes a range of complementary activities provided for their in-house guests. I have been sharing workshops around Lifestyle Medicine, Qigong, Meditation, and Sound Healing with singing bowls.

5 Elements Qigong: 16th to 20th December 2020

With Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School and Peter Caughey.

Take a look at the retreat video below, and CLICK HERE for retreat details and reservations.