Gracious Nutrition

Fragrant, flavoursome, plant-based foods that feed your body, nourish your soul, and satisfy your taste buds.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved everything about food and nutrition – especially eating. Those who know me well might point out that food is my guilty pleasure.

Over the years, as my lifestyle and tastes shifted, I began to explore the concept of food as medicine. With some adjustments and a lot of education, I began to develop conscious eating habits.

After completing extensive studies with world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Plant Based Academy, I now know every mouthful counts. And by applying a natural, plant-based approach to my life and nutrition, I have become acutely aware that every precious mouthful fuels my body with all of nature’s loving goodness.

Gone are the nasties, the preservatives, and the processed chemicals that do not serve the body – along with the habits and beliefs that have become outdated. In their place, I seek out natural ingredients, with their bounty of nutrients that everybody craves. In the process, I have also embraced an ever-growing amount of research that highlights the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Cooking consciously and eating magnificently does not mean consuming bland food. In fact, experience confirms that the exact opposite is true: An organic, plant-based diet, prepared with love, conscious intention and herbs, provides optimal nutrition and mouth-watering flavours. Chocolate mousse whipped up from avocado, pasta extruded from zucchini and carrots, creamy sauces concocted from nuts… anything is possible.

Many myths surround our consumption of food: How do I consume protein if I don’t eat animal meats? Milk strengthens your bones. A small amount of processed food doesn’t do much damage.

To debunk such myths, I encourage you to read labels, explore foods you haven’t eaten before, and investigate the products you consume. There are also plenty of books, articles, YouTube videos and films that will enlighten you about healthier lifestyle choices.

If we can agree that food is medicine, consider whether you would knowingly consume medicine that may be doing you harm? Not likely.

I have collected a few of my simple, go-to recipes with which you can experiment – outside your comfort zone! These plant-based recipes are all designed to support you and your family’s health and wellbeing. Each recipe has also been thoughtfully tinged with a drop or two of essential oil flavour infusion.

Call it my secret sauce. Enjoy your Gracious Meals.

Sweet Elements ~ the cycle of nature

My vegan dessert creations inspired by the 5 Elements of Nature that surrounds us. Every dessert has been infused with Young Living essential oil to bring out the flavors of each element.

WATCH the journey of the elements coming together on a plate…⁣ and my blog about the experience. 

Recipe Cards

Peppermint  Lime Infused Water

Cacao Mint Elixir

Tangerine Smoothie Bowl

Scrambled Tofu With Thyme

Breakfast Parfait

Rosemary Hummus

Raw Sushi With Lemon-Ginger Asian Dressing

Avocado Tartare With Coriander Infusion

Watermelon Tamari
Roasted Asparagus

Quinoa Salad
With Citrus Fresh Dressing

Celery Seed

Oyster Mushroom Ceviche With Citrus Garden Salsa

Carrot Zucchini Zoodles With Black Pepper Vegan Creamy Pasta Sauce

Orange Vegan
Chocolate Mousse

Lavender Bliss Balls