About Me

My journey began from a place of deep sadness. My loving mother had just passed away. I sat on the beach gazing at the rising sun, with only the distant echoes of life and my own sorrow for company. Then and there, I made a promise to myself.

To dedicate my life – my every waking hour and the fullness of my energy – to the health and wellness of others; and to the lessening of pain and sadness that many may feel in their own lives.

Rising from the sand and sorrow, I looked towards the horizon for a new beginning. With a deep breath, I resolved to commit myself to a meaningful journey. With this personal tragedy as my backstory and inspiration, I sensed intuitively that the path of holistic health and wellness would become my gift to others.

Back then, I could not have imagined in which direction such a pivotal decision would lead me. But, after years of passionate toil and relentless study, I have obtained a rare insight and understanding into the workings of the mind, body and soul. Over time, I have also developed a deeper appreciation for our body’s skilful intelligence, and its inherent wisdom and capacity to heal itself.

An unquenchable thirst for knowledge has earned me qualifications in Clinical & Metaphysical Aromatherapy (ISAMS, USA), Clinical Aromatherapy (NAHA, USA), Applied Metaphysics II (ISAMS, USA), Clinical Biotherapy, Qigong trainer from Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Plant Based Nutrition-Raw Food Mastery & Lifestyle Medicine Coach. I am also currently completing to be a Spinal Flow Technique practitioner.

Ever since that life-changing moment, when I decided to dedicate my future to holistic wellness, I’ve had the pleasure of guiding and assisting countless grateful clients.  The knowledge that my contributions have helped to reverse many chronic and life-long conditions, through a variety of holistic and complementary approaches, continues to fill me with pride and inspiration.

My life goals expand daily, while my philosophy and commitment to holistic wellbeing remains unchanged.

Above all, I lead with an open heart. I guide my clients through a uniquely personalized service, encompassing every aspect of their lives. I empower them to take control, make changes and fulfil their vision of long-term health and wellness.

Although my initial foray into the realm of wellness was shrouded in sorrow, the path I have followed since then, has been graced with healing, wisdom, and joy.

Indeed, even unexpected personal challenges along the way have strengthened my resolve to improve the lives and wellbeing of others. It humbles me to realize the extent to which my insight and consultations have helped to change my clients’ lives for the better, by guiding them back to health.

Yet I am the fortunate one: I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness the real-life impact and results of my approach to holistic wellness. I also sleep well, in knowing  that my daily actions continue to fulfil that single promise that I made to myself years ago.

It is indeed, A Gracious Life.

I have finally arrived at a place to be of service and to contribute to the world. This is my story…

Logo Story

A logo is never just a logo and not a truer statement could be said about A Gracious Life.

So what’s the story behind the logo of A Gracious Life?

At the centre of my logo is a beautiful interpretation of a minimalist yet modern designed lotus, which for me has deep and personal meanings symbolising the purity of the heart, mind and spirit. In many different cultures and in many different spiritual explorations, the simplistic beauty of the lotus flower represents long life, health, self-regeneration, rebirth and more.

If you take a closer look at A Gracious Life logo, you will discover that the lotus is formed by two proud capital letter G’s. I am humbled to say that this stands for Grace and Gratitude, two elements of life that have great impact and meaning for me.

Having Grace in our heart and soul is selflessly choosing to be the bigger person, and by choosing to be immersed in Grace in everything we do and say, instantly allows a positive outcome to all situations.

For me, Gratitude is a beautiful state where humanity functions at its ultimate best for the good of all. When we express Gratitude, live with Gratitude and present Gratitude to the world – its people, its animals, its soil, its air, its water – then anything and everything is enough.

Ultimately, we need to invite more Grace and Gratitude into our lives to evoke a more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life.

The small colourful dots that surround the lotus flower represent the universe of A Gracious Life and the various aspects of what goes into living A Gracious Life. You will see this through the categories on this website: through essential oils that support our health and wellness, nutrition, community, contribution, education and many more aspects that will evolve by living A Gracious Life.

The mandala that gently surrounds the lotus is the visual embodiment of the seed of life – and for me represents the very fabric that links us all together on this journey, as we move forward on this Earth one Gracious step at a time. Hence in my logo, all the aspects I hold dear to my heart are connected to each other, the greater world, our faith and what lies beyond.

Finally and very personally, my late mother is my biggest supporter and inspiration to embark on this wellness journey of mine. Without experiencing the hardship and joy of what we went through, I would not be walking on this path today. I carry her unfading strength and fearless courage everyday knowing that I have a higher purpose to serve.

In many ways this brand is a tribute to her legacy.

My mother’s name was Grace.